$1,000,000 Pyramid Description

$1,000,000 and $100,000 Pyramid

How to setup the game: Click on the triangular boxes and drag them off of the game board. To edit the game board, click on the words in the blue boxes. This should put white dots around the word. Click on the word again and it should get grey dots around it. Now double click on the word. You can now edit your words. When you have changed all of the words, highlight all 6 boxes with triangles in the grey work space then drag them over to cover the boxes.

How to play the game: This should be played with one person looking at the screen and another facing away from the screen. Click on the triangle in the lower left hand corner of the pyramid. It should disappear. Your term should now appear. The student looking at the screen now needs to get the other player to say the word, without saying the word (much like taboo). If they get it, click on the word again and a dollar amount will appear. If they pass, you can click on another triangle to get another word to try. Once they have worked all the way to the top, they can go back and work on what they passed. They can see the ones on which they passed on the screen throughout the game.

Ideas: You could have one person looking away from a projected screen and the rest of the class looking and trying to help. You could also push the ppt out with a program to students in pairs at laptops and have the whole room working in pairs.

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