Week of 11-18-13

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Another incredible week.  Keep up the amazing work that continues to happen.  The students are more engaged and learning more because the teachers are raising the bar.  We need to keep the advancements going.  Several excited teachers this week.  INTERACT deliveries are in full swing.  Teachers are already pulling out the new equipment and getting some great projects and assignments underway.

As we close in on Thanksgiving break, please make sure you shut down your computer, projector, and any other electricity eating device.  We need to keep the equipment running and conserve energy at the same time.

I will not be on campus Thanksgiving week (November 25-26).  I will be in district and available through e-mail, but I will not be making my normal campus visits.  I’ll be back on campus starting December 2.  My last day on campus for the semester will be December 12.  I will be back on campus for regular visits starting January 13.

At a Glance:

Classmint website – Classmint is an interactive study notes tool.  Create audible, interactive, annotatable and beautiful study notes that can be folded like a paper. Used in 100+ schools. It’s free and ad-free.  Students and teachers can keep their notes private or publish them.

Whack A Bonewebsite – A web based (free) and iPad (paid) game created by a teacher and a former student to teach the human skeletal system. Also, a Balefire Labs Top Rated app!  Whack-A-Bone will lead you toward an instinctive knowledge of the major bones of the body. Build up, scan and whack the arm, leg and core. When that has been perfected, scan the entire skeleton and finally, whack Harold silly.

20 Education Technology Tools Everybody Should Know Aboutwebsite – Although educators tend to feel like they are left all on their own to deal with students that are getting crazier by the day, there are plenty of technology resources that can make their teaching job more effective. Educators should definitely start using some of the online solutions that are meant to promote modern education and take the classroom organization to the next level. In this article, we will cover 20 education technology tools that educators should start using as soon as possible.

SmartFindExpress Mobile Website (WebCenter)website – For those who downloaded the WebCenter mobile app for iOS, you may have found the website provided in the newsletter is not working correctly.  To correct this, use this website:  https://lamarcisd.eschoolsolutions.com.  This will correct the error message you may be receiving about an expired security certificate.

Entertainment – Just a little holiday humor.

Technology Staff Development Opportunities

Be on the lookout for the spring semester staff development opportunities.  They will be posting within ASCEND soon.  There has been excellent staff development opportunities through this semester.  The technology staff development team and the CITS have offered roughly 120 hours of staff development opportunities since the start of August.  There will be many opportunities next semester as well, the schedule will be posting soon.