Week of 11/9-11/13

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Another exciting week. A great many different things happening. Students collaborating on group projects using iPads and computer based assignments. Student response systems being used for warm-up questions to start the class period; a great way to track student performance and quickly assess the students’ readiness for the day’s lesson. Lots of iPad projects as well as iPads being used with regular daily instruction. Love all that I have been seeing. Student success if assured with the dedication of our teachers.

I mentioned this last week, just a reminder, I will not be on campus Thanksgiving week (November 23-24). I will be in district and available through e-mail, but I will not be making my normal campus visits. I’ll be back on campus starting November 30. My last day on campus for the semester will be December 11. I will be back on campus for regular visits starting January 11.

At a Glance:

Zaption – website

Zaption transforms video-based learning with interactive content and tools that engage learners, deepen understanding, and track progress. Teachers, trainers, and instructional designers use Zaption to quickly add images, text, and questions to existing online videos. With Zaption’s Analytics, instructors get immediate feedback on how viewers interact with content and understand key concepts.


10,000 Historic Phonograph Cylinder Audio Recordings – website

Over 10,000 audio recordings from over 100 years ago have recently been digitized by the University of California, Santa Barbara since they began hosting their Cylinder Audio Archive online. And for the first time, all the recordings have been made available for easy search and download. Lots of great, historic information can be found on this site that can span any content area.


Tech Tip – Google Like a Boss