Bingo Description

Bingo (for Excel)

CREATE BINGO GAME 1. Do FILE | SAVE AS and name the file with a name descriptive of the subject content of the new game. 2. Bottom Tab to Sheet1 and type in 25 terms with definitions, then click on the PRINT BINGO CARDS button. 3. A set of 25 different bingo cards will be automatically generate along with a calling sheet.

HOW TO PLAY 1. Pass out a bingo card and 25 beans to each student. 2. Start at any number on the calling sheet and call out the definition. 3. Students will place a bean on the correct answer on their card. 4. Call out the next definition; continue until the end of the list and then start over. 5. Students shout BINGO whenever they get five beans in a row (horizontally, vertically or diagonally). 6. First student to get a BINGO wins if he can recite the definitions of his/her bingo terms. 7. If the student fails to give correct definitions then he/she is disqualified and the game continues. 8. For longer game, have students form a crisscross (x) or a plus sign (+) on their card for bingo.


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