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Week of 9-29-14

This was an incredibly busy, but excellent week.  Many great activities happening on campus.  Worked with a good number of teachers on how to use SMART Response clickers with eduphoria Aware.  A simple process that eliminates the need for bubble sheets when doing assessments.  More GPS activities with the weather, mainly temperatures, looking good.  The […]

A Tale from the SEE

There are rare moments in a person’s life when that person experiences a once in a lifetime event. This past week I was blessed to have experienced one these events. I attended the SMART Exemplary Educators (SEE) Summit hosted by SMART Technologies at their corporate headquarters in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. During my time in Calgary, […]

Week of 5-19-14

This was my last official week on campus for this school year.  Thank you to everyone for making it a wonderful year.  I look forward to returning to campus in the fall and working with each of you.  During the course of the next couple weeks, if you are in need of something, let me […]

Week of 5-12-14

This was certainly an exciting week for me.  This week marked the first week for the secondary CITS transitioning to new campuses.  I am very excited to now be part of the Wertheimer and Briscoe teams.  In addition to these two campuses, I also serve as the CITS for Foster and Special Sites.  Even though […]

Week of 5-5-14

With testing in full force at the high schools this week, this became a good week for the transition of the secondary CITS to take place.  Effective next week, the secondary CITS will be reassigned by tracks.  Additional information about who is assigned to which track can be found below.  While I am being assigned […]

Week of 4-28-14

Excellent week of with many great things happening on campuses.  Teachers are keeping the students engaged and driving forward.  We are now in the full swing of the testing season.  Between STAAR and AP testing, there is a lot to be done.  As chaotic as things seem, it’s obvious everyone has done everything needed to […]

Week of 4-14-14

Next week I will not be on campus.  The CITS team is meeting next week to work on INTERACT planning.  I will still be in the district.  The best way to reach me will be through e-mail.  I will do my best to respond quickly.  This was a nice holiday shortened week.  A three day […]

Week of 3-31-14

I’m happy to announce, thanks to your support, I received notice this morning that I have been invited to attend the Global SMART Exemplary Educator Summit taking place July 20-26 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.  I am thrilled to be one of the candidates selected to attend.  This might not have happened if not for your consistent […]

Week of 3-24-14

This was a very busy week.  Testing season tends to be chaotic.  See many things happening on the campus outside of testing.  Many different types of multimedia projects using Flip cameras, iPads, iPods, Movie Maker, and digital cameras.  So many great things that the students are doing to reinforce learning.  This is a great way […]

Week of 3-17-14

At least one of these links should work.  Please vote every day.  You are allowed to vote more than once.  Anyone can vote including family, friends, students, and long lost relatives.  Thank you to everyone who has been submitting votes. Spring break is over and now the task of getting back into the swing of […]

Week of 3-3-14

This is an exciting week.  Not just because it’s the week before Spring Break (although that is a good reason)…this week was the announcement of the INTERACT 2014 participates.  Once again, we have a great group of participates representing every campus within the district.  For most of us, thinking about work is something we do […]

Week of 2-24-14

The fifth six-weeks begins.  We are well into the downward swing to the end of the school year, but it’s still quite a ways off.  As we begin our preparations for testing season, don’t forget the technology tools that can be used to benefit your classroom.  The SMART and Promethean Boards and student response clickers […]

Week of 2-17-14

This was a fast moving week.  Monday was an excellent day of staff development.  Hopefully you found some information that will be useful in your classroom.  If you found something useful, but still have questions, don’t be afraid to ask.  If I can assist, I will.  An exciting thing happened last night, the new secondary […]

Week of 2-10-14

What a great week.  Valentine’s Day is great.  We frequently get to see the students dress to impress.  There are many great things happening on campuses.  Several teachers are having students create Prezi presentations to change things up.  These seem to work much better than the everyday, standard PowerPoint presentations.  As we continue moving through […]

Week of 1-27-14

It’s amazing how the Texas weather changes so drastically over a two week period.  The fortunate part, we’re teachers, we know how to adjust to pretty much any type of interruption.  The weather has certainly messed with our schedules and it might take a few days to get ourselves back to normal.  As we move […]

Week of 1-20-14

The three day weekend is over.  It was nice while it lasted.  A great part of this kind of weekend…when you come back, it’s already Tuesday…makes for a nice short week.  Of course this week is turning out to be a cold week. As I’ve been walking through the buildings, I’ve seen several projectors being […]

Week of 1-13-14

This was a great week, albeit, an incredibly fast week.  I was moving from the moment I walked in the door on all campuses.  I worked to touch base with everyone who contacted me, but unfortunately, time was not on my side this week.  For those I was unable to meet with this week, you’re […]

Week of 1-6-14

The new semester begins.  An excellent opportunity to reach out to your students for new beginnings.  Even though some of them may have struggle last semester, the slate is once again clean.  Reach out to these students.  They will love to see that you are not willing to give up on them.  There are many […]

Week of 12-9-13

The semester is winding down.  Students are getting antsy.  Final exams are coming.  This semester has been fast moving and great.  The students have grown because of everything you have done for them.  This is my last week on campus for the semester.  I will return to my regular campus rotation on January 13.  I’m […]

Week of 12-2-13

Yet another wonderful week inching us ever closer to the Winter Break.  Next week will be my last regular campus visit until the week of January 13.  As we semester is wrapping up, please be sure you are turning off your computer daily.  Shut off your projector when it is not in use.  I have […]

Week of 11-18-13

Another incredible week.  Keep up the amazing work that continues to happen.  The students are more engaged and learning more because the teachers are raising the bar.  We need to keep the advancements going.  Several excited teachers this week.  INTERACT deliveries are in full swing.  Teachers are already pulling out the new equipment and getting […]

Week of 11-4-13

This seemed to be an incredible week of great things happening everywhere.  Distance learning activities in social studies, Prezi projects in several different classes, QR codes being used to assist with review activities, and much more.  Many of our fall sports and extracurriculars are moving into playoffs and beyond.  Our students are proving themselves successful […]

Week of 10-28-13

What a fun week.  Halloween brings out the fun, energetic side of students.  Unfortunately, this also means they are eating inhuman amounts of sugar.  Since they are already wired, and will likely be on a sugar high for another week, find an engaging activity that gets them out of their seats.  Use their energy to […]

Week of 10-21-13

A very fast week and busy week.  A busy week is usually a good week.  I was able to train teachers from a large number of Houston area school districts at two different conferences in the last seven days.  It’s always great to hear from other districts on how advanced we are as a district.  […]

Week of 10-14-13

Another great week with great educators.  Even with the midweek interruption due to PSAT testing, there are still a lot of great things happening on campus.  Continue with the great things you are doing with your students and in your classroom.  Your actions and teachings will make our students successful leaders in the future.  In […]