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Week of 9/14-9/18

An incredible week.  Lots of great activities happening in the classroom.  More teachers and students are seeing the value of Office 365.  Lots of iPad projects happening across the content areas.  Great things are happening on campus and the students are loving the innovative approach teachers are taking towards education.  We are reaching the students […]

Week of 9/7-9/11

This was my first scheduled week on campus.  Because of that, this is a lengthy e-mail.  I visited several classrooms this week and managed to touch base with a large number of teachers.  I love being busy…it makes my day worthwhile.  Naturally, the great uses of technology in learning activities is my biggest highlight.  There […]

Week of 5-11-15

The end of the year is very quickly approaching. Even so, I love that I am seeing students still working on various activities. With testing over, many classes have moved to a variety of computer based projects, iPad projects, and other activities. It’s great to see the creativity flowing from our students. As we enter […]

Week of 4-27-15

Another fast and great week.  We coming into the final stretch of the school year.  This is a great time to pull out the great engaging projects.  Students will continue their desire to learn when being actively engaged through the end of the school year.  I will not be on campus next week.  The CITS […]

Week of 4-20-15

This was a quick moving week.  I was not on campuses for my normal visits due to STAAR testing.  I know our students performed exceptionally on their tests because of all the great work all the teachers have done to prepare them. In the coming weeks, with testing and INTERACT preparations, I will off campus […]

Week of 4-13-15

Another fast paced week. Seeing a lot of great review strategies taking place as students are prepared for upcoming testing. Out students will be successful because they have some of the best teachers around. Continue to encourage the students. Even as the testing days are upon us, a positive word can make a difference in […]

Week of 4-6-15

Another excellent week. Lots of different activities going on in the classroom. Students are working on a variety of different projects. With only 7 more Mondays until the end of the year, we are now readying to enter the heart of testing season. As you start preparing your students, if you are in need of […]

Week of 3-30-15

This was a short and fast week ending with a nice four day weekend.  Even though there is a variety of testing occurring throughout the year, the major testing season has kicked off.  I know our students are going to excel because I have seen the quality teaching being provided in the classrooms.  As we […]

Week of 3-23-15

This was a short and long week all around for me.  Short in that I was only here a couple days this week.  Long in that I was under the weather for most of the week.  Unfortunately this took me away from campuses for most of the week.  I apologize for not being able to […]

Week of 3-16-15

Spring break is behind us and now the task of getting back into the swing of things.  Hope your break was relaxing and rewarding.  Here a great statement I heard regarding interactive white boards (SMART and Promethean Boards):  “Simply being able to write on something with a pen does not equal interactivity…did that with an […]

Week of 3-2-15

Spring break is finally upon us…I know everyone is depressed because they have a week off. Okay, may not!!! The year is moving along really well and there have been so many great things happening. There are a lot of great research projects happening across the campuses. We’ve got teachers developing lessons on their SMART/Promethean […]

Week of 2-23-15

What a great week.  There are many awesome activities happening on campus.  Students have been creating videos, presentations, and many hands on projects.  With the students getting restless in anticipation of spring break, this is a great time to take advantage of their extra energy.  Get them up to the board to instruct the class.  […]

Week of 2-16-15

This was a very fast week for me.  Started the week with the district staff development day.  I’m sure everyone from something to take away from the day.  There are so many great things happening during the day, it’s unfortunately we could visit everything.  I had the privilege of presenting to math teachers from across […]

Week of 2-9-15

After being out for a conference last week, it made for a fast moving week this week.  It’s the shocking realization that we are already halfway through February and the spring term is moving quickly.  Looking at the calendar, I can see this semester is going to move quickly.  In a few weeks we will […]

Week of 1-26-15

Wow!!!! What a week. I am in constant amazement at how wonderful the teachers are in our school district. I see so many great things happening in the classroom and teachers reaching students who others have written off. It’s amazing how these students will respond when they know how much we care. We have students […]

Week of 1-12-15

This was an excellent week, busy, but excellent.  I apologize if I did not get a chance to meet with you this week.  I will make every effort to catch up with those I missed this week while I’m on campus next week. Many great things happening across the campuses.  Students creating videos and presentations […]

Week of 12-8-14

The winter break is almost here. Next week will move very quickly as both students and staff look forward to the break. I’ve seen many great activities happening on campuses. Stop motion projects, iPad projects, student response clickers, and many computer based projects. All these activities are great ways to keep the students engaged in […]

Week of 12-1-14

The fall term is quickly coming to an end. Students are exploding in anticipation of winter break. Their extra energy could be an opportunity to help their learning explode. Being part of several great things happening in the classroom has been great. Helping create interactive lessons for the SMART Board, students using student response systems […]

Week of 11-17-14

This was a very fast week. Followed up with a very short week next week. Many awesome projects and assignments happening on campus. Students creating a variety of multimedia projects ranging from PowerPoint to movie creation. Many classes working with student response systems. The student response clickers (SMART Response/Promethean ActiVotes & ActivExpressions) are a great […]

Week of 11-10-14

I came to a sudden realization at the start of this week.  It’s November!  This year is flying by very quickly.  I have seen so many great things happening and been thrilled to be helping out where I can.  This past couple weeks we’ve brought many of our students onboard to Office 365 so they […]

Week of 11-3-14

This was a very busy week as the students’ sugar induced comas are starting to come down.  A busy week is a good week.  Many teachers and students getting started with OneDrive for Business, learning to save files to the cloud as well as how to create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without having Microsoft […]

Week of 10-27-14

Awesome things continue to happen on campus.  Students creating projects using the iPad and iMovie, working on computer based assignments, research, and much more.  Students are being actively engaged using technology they know and love. A great statement I heard recently, “If Google can answer all your questions, maybe the depth of the questions needs […]

Week of 10-20-14

I blinked and the week was over.  It’s hard to believe we are coming into the last week of October.  This week brought about many great things.  A cafeteria marquee displaying a message for the first time in several years.  A live, streaming broadcast of a volleyball match.  Many great classroom activities.  See many great […]

Week of 10-13-14

A very busy, but successful week.  Many great iPad projects happening on campus.  Additional GPS activities (the weather is great this time of the year for these activities).  Working with students on online credibility of resources and creating correct citations within Word.  This coming Thursday, October 23, I will be attending a training and will […]

Week of 10-6-14

Another incredible week.  We’ve got teachers doing iPad creation projects creating videos, more projects on the laptops than can be counted, student response systems to check for understanding and assessments, and more GPS activities while the weather is ideal.  There are some great activities already in the making for the coming weeks.  Please let me […]