Concentration Description


How to setup:  Under the outline tab to the left, you will find a phrase written on “Slide 2.” Highlight the text the slide in the outline and replace it with a phrase from your content area. If you press enter, it updates the slide. Hold Shift and Enter to put a return in your phrase. Make sure to preview the game yourself to know what it looks like. So that the students do not see the answers shown on the “Outline” tab, make sure to click on the “Slides” tab before you show your screen to your students. There are 10 boards in this file.

How the game works:  Students answer a question given by the teacher to win try. Once they answer correctly, can pick a square to be removed. Teacher clicks on the square; it disappears allowing part of the solution to be seen. They can guess what it says, only on their turn. To get to the next puzzle, click the next puzzle link at the bottom of the screen.

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