Deal or No Deal Description

Deal or No Deal

How to setup:  Click on the slides that ask the questions and answers.  Highlight, delete, and then type your question and answer in.

How the game works:

  1. The class will choose a case to be their case
  2. In random order you will be selected to choose a case
  3. That case will have a point value and a question
  4. The point value will be removed from the board and the student will answer the question
  5. If the student answers correct he/she will receive one bonus point – if he/she answers incorrectly – play moves to the next player
  6. After the following case choices – the banker will offer a deal – based on the bonus point values left on the board
  7. 6 cases, 11 cases, 18 cases, 23 cases, 24 cases, 25 cases
  8. If at any time the student accepts the deal – play will continue with just the answering of questions

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