Survivor Description


How to setup:  Use the “Outline” tab to fill in your questions and answers. Print out 6 copies of the immunity idol (which is a separate document,) or roll paper and make 6 diplomas to be used when they want to pass on a question.

How to use the game:  (teacher keeps score) Questions will appear in order. They can give you an answer. Click on answer to display the correct answer. When you’ve given the appropriate points, click “Back to the board” to choose another question. The question you were just on should be gone now. With a correct answer, a point is given and they have a chance at the bonus. Click on challenge to give them the bonus question. If they get the question wrong, click on question and it’ll skip to the next question.

Teams: You could have teams write down the answers so everyone gets to answer all the questions. Then those who got the question wrong would put their white boards down while the other teams can answer the challenges.

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