Trash Can Vocabulary Description

Trash Can Vocabulary

Materials: Vocabulary List, Clean Trash Can, Small Ball, Trash Can vocabulary power point ready for game. 1. Line students up. 2. The first person in line has a small ball in their hands. 3. The teacher tells and shows the students part of a definition of their vocabulary word. 4. The students get 10 points for the correct word and a chance to earn 10 more points if they make the shot into the trash can. If the answer is correct teacher or student will click on correct answer on power point. 5. If the student does not know the word the teacher or student click on incorrect answer and then passes the ball to the next student in line.  The next student in line now has a chance to give the correct answer.  6. *** The game continues until all 10 words have been review. 7. The students keep track of their point and the student with the most points chooses a prize.  The power point is only set up for 10 words if more is needed coping and pasting is needed to add more slide for more words.

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