Week of 1-6-14

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The new semester begins.  An excellent opportunity to reach out to your students for new beginnings.  Even though some of them may have struggle last semester, the slate is once again clean.  Reach out to these students.  They will love to see that you are not willing to give up on them.  There are many great things happening on campus even now.  INTERACT 2013 participates have been receiving equipment, INTERACT 2014 hopefuls are getting their teams together and submitting their Intent to Apply.  As you are looking over this semester curriculum, let me know if I can be of assistance.  If I have not had an opportunity to work with you on something for your students; hopefully this semester we can make something happen.

At a Glance:

INTERACT 2014 website – It is hard to believe, but we are in the beginning phase of INTERACT 2014 already!  It is time to start thinking about forming a team so you can apply from your campus.  The rules will be similar as last year.  All information you need to know right now is posted on the iCafe.

We are just giving you plenty of notice to get you thinking about applying and allowing you time to form your team.  Once your team is formed be sure to follow this link and complete the Intent to Apply Form by January 31.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I hope to see you there!.

New Schedule – From an e-mail earlier this week, Katie Marchena is the new Math Curriculum Instructional Specialist for LCISD.  Katie was the CITS for Terry and Lamar.  I will be providing coverage to these campuses until a replacement is hired.  I will be visiting each high school according to this schedule:

  • Monday – Lamar Consolidated High School
  • Tuesday – George Ranch High School
  • Wednesday – Terry High School
  • Thursday – Foster High School

Please let me know if there is anything I can assist you with.  E-mail is the best way to reach me.

25 Brilliant Teacher Blogs Worth Followingwebsite – There are a large number of resources, websites, blogs, social medias, and more that contain educational resources.  Unfortunately with the size of the Internet, it becomes very difficult finding quality.  Check out this article for a list of teacher blogs that are high quality.  This article also has a link to another article on tools to start your own blog.  Want to start your own blog, let me know; I’m happy to help.

5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Studentswebsite – This article discusses five simple, but powerful questions you can use in the classroom to make students think and learn.  A great question will lead the student to question more.  A student asking questions is a student who desires to learn.  This article provides questions and insights to each question that will make your students become better students.


Technology Staff Development Opportunities – Log into ASCEND to register


ASCEND Section#

Training Location
January 14 98013 Publish or Perish – Every Student an Author iCafe
January 23 98003 Become a Skydrive Pro iCafe
January 28 98004 Introduction to  Microsoft OneNote iCafe
February 11 98006 Promethean  ActivInspire Intermediate iCafe
February 13 98007 INTERACT Video Assistance Open Lab iCafe
February 18 98008 INTERACT Video Assistance Open Lab iCafe
February 20 98015 Dive in Deeper with Edmodo iCafe
February 25 98014 Engaging Minds with QR Codes and Augmented Reality iCafe
March 18 98016 App Smashing 101 iCafe
March 27 98009 Tips and Tricks for Office 2013 iCafe
April 8 98010 Become a Skydrive Pro iCafe
April 24 98005 Introduction to  Microsoft OneNote iCafe
January 27 98017 Webinar 1 – 21st Century Learning Design – Intro to 21CLD Online
February 3 98018 Webinar 2 – Knowledge Construction Online
February 10 98019 Webinar 3 – Collaboration Online
February 24 98020 Webinar 4 – Use of ICT for Learning Online
March 3 98021 Webinar 5 – Real-World Problem-Solving and Innovation Online
March 17 98022 Webinar 6 – Self-Regulation Online
March 24 98023 Webinar 7 – Skilled Communication Online
March 31 98024 Webinar 8 – Certification Presentations Online