Week of 10-28-13

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What a fun week.  Halloween brings out the fun, energetic side of students.  Unfortunately, this also means they are eating inhuman amounts of sugar.  Since they are already wired, and will likely be on a sugar high for another week, find an engaging activity that gets them out of their seats.  Use their energy to your advantage.

At a Glance:

Value of Education website – The graph on this website is a great visual of the direct impact on an education on future income.  This is a great graph to show the students so they can see and understand the importance of continuing their education.  There is a direct correlation between level of education and income level.

11 Things We Learned About Social Media in the Classroomwebsite – Social Media has become a part of our everyday lives. This is even more true for students in our increasingly-connected world.  This article highlights ideas on how to connect with students, foster interaction, and gather resources.

AnMisHwebsite – Choose a cartoon character, record your voice, and watch the character’s lips move in sync with yours, as if it is speaking.  A great way for your students to recall facts, record directions, recite a foreign language, or anything else.  The students will love doing creating their own characters on this site.

Club Academiawebsite – Club Academia strives to organize existing knowledge in ways that make learning easily accessible while simultaneously inspiring people to discover and innovate. Check out this physics video on position for a taste of what Club Academia has to offer!  This site is young and still developing.  An easy comparison of this site, it’s like Khan Academy, but made by students.

Entertainment We’ve all had those moments with our printer – website.

Technology Staff Development Opportunities

Date ASCEND Section# Training Location Description
Tuesday, November 5 77314 Web Literacy iCafe Lab Our teaching job includes providing web literacy skills   and strategies, including lessons on why critical thinking about the web is   important. Learn how to REALLY search the web and why these skills are   essential to every 21st century learner.
Thursday, November 14 77310 SMART Intermediate iCafe Lab Build on your foundational SMART Notebook skills. Begin   learning how to create an eye-popping SMART Notebook presentation and boost   the technology integration in your classroom.  These session is for   teachers who work with a SMART Board and have attended an introductory SMART   Notebook training.
Tuesday, November 19 77311 Promethean Intermediate iCafe Lab Learn how to create flipchart magic in this intermediate   ActivInspire training. Explore the browsers and layers and begin to create   flipcharts of your very own. To get the most out of this training, you must   have basic knowledge of Promethean’s ActivInspire software.