Week of 10/12-10/16

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This was another great week.  Students working on iMovie on the iPad to create videos for class.  Creation projects are a great way for students to reinforce concepts being taught in the classroom.  Classes are using student response clickers for immediate verification on whether the students are understanding the lesson that is being taught.  This is a great way to safely to do a check for understanding without students feeling embarrassed to acknowledge they don’t understand what is being taught.  The teacher will know immediately if the concept is clearly understood by the students or if it needs additional instruction/reinforcement.  If this is something you are wanting to do, let me know.  We will explore the options available to your classroom.

At a Glance:

Laptop and iPad Carts

Over the past several years, the number of laptops and iPads in the classroom has grown quickly.  With this increase in devices, we need to take on a higher level of monitoring of these devices.  When using laptops and iPads with your students, please make a regular habit to account for all laptops and iPads each class period.  Also, verify power cords and power bricks are there as well.  While it’s not common, these devices do disappear from time-to-time.  When this happens, it becomes a campus expense to replace the missing items.  This quickly becomes expensive for the campus and eats away from budget dollars that should be used for other classroom resources instead of replacement items.  Even the smaller items are expense.  A genuine iPad charger costs roughly $40 to replace and the cord costs roughly $15.  Because these are small items, these walk off easily.  Making a habit of monitoring these items will save the school money and everyone the headache of dealing with missing items.


Instructables – website

Learn how to DIY just about virtually anything with instructions from hundreds of contributors offered up free of charge.  There are many great project ideas, classroom décor ideas, or just plain fun ideas on this website.  Even better, they are a very teacher friendly website.  Instructables supports teachers by providing free pro memberships and awesome project ideas for your classroom.  Register for a pro account here.


Tech Tip – Creating New Slides in PowerPoint Quickly

While creating a PowerPoint presentation, we often get slowed down by having to constantly move back and forth between the keyboard and the mouse.  You type the title, move to the mouse, type the bulleted text, back to the mouse, click new slide, back to the mouse, type the title, back the mouse, and so continues the process.  A quick way to avoid going back and forth between the mouse and keyboard is to press Ctrl + Enter.  After typing the title, press Ctrl + Enter.  This will move you to the bulleted text.  After typing the bulleted text, press Ctrl + Enter again and PowerPoint will automatically create a new slide.  Press Ctrl + Enter again to begin typing on the new slide.  Continue pressing Ctrl + Enter to quickly advance through the creation process.  This is a great way to save time when creating a presentation.