Week of 10/19-10/23

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An awesome week with a very wet weekend.  Hopefully the weather didn’t ruin anyone’s plans.  Awesome things continue to happen on campus.  Students creating projects using the iPad and iMovie.  Students are actively engaged in the project using technology they know and love.  Students using response clickers to respond to teacher questions and assessments.  These are a great way for teachers and students to know how they are doing immediately.

Projector reminder:  please remember to turn off your projector when it is not in use.  Do NOT use the shutter or black out mode for more than a few minutes.  If you have to use this mode for more than a few minutes, turn off the projector.  This mode is burning the bulb.  I walked into several classrooms this week and found no one in the room, but the projector was on.  Bulb replacements run $250-$450.  This is very expensive for the district.  I sure everyone can think of a better use for this kind of money.  The longer you can make the bulb last, the better for your projector and the district.

At a Glance:

Office 365 for Students

Please remember, our students have e-mail, OneDrive, and access to the Office programs outside of LCISD.  While many have introduced your students to Office 365, there are still many students who are unaware they have access to this great resource and can install this software home.  Our students have the ability to install Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on their home computers and mobile devices for free.  No longer do we have to hear the excuse, “I don’t have that program”.  Every student has access.  If they don’t have a new enough computer to support the software, they can use the web base version which works great.  If they store their files in their OneDrive, they will have easy access at home and school.  Students can e-mail assignments and questions directly to their teachers through Outlook.  Encourage your students to use this great resource.  Attached are some instructions covering the basics for students.  Want to introduce your students to this great resource, but need help, let me know.


Netflix at School

A question I frequently hear is, “Will the district unblock Netflix?”  In short, “No!”  There are multiple reasons for Netflix staying blocked within LCISD:

  1. Very hard on network resources.  We’ve all been experiencing the recent issues with internet connectivity dropping off.  This is a result of network resources being maxed out.  The district is working to increase those resources, but it’s not an overnight procedure and it’s expensive.
  2. Potential copyright infringement.  Showing a movie in a school without a proper licensing agreement is a violation of copyright.  While many schools in our district have purchased a movie license agreement that allows the campus to show a large number of movies, not all our schools subscribe to this.  If you are on a campus that does not subscribe and you bring a movie from home, Netflix, or elsewhere, you are in violation of copyright.  A movie purchased for home is for private viewing.  A school is considered a public environment.  Copyright is a very complex set of laws.  There are situations where even having a license does not give you permission.
  3. Terms of service violation.  Showing anything from Netflix is a public environment is a violation of Netflix’s terms of service.  Even is the above items are not an issue, Netflix does not allow it.  We have no way to change how Netflix does business.


Tech Tip – Keyboard Shortcuts

Looking for shortcuts?  Visit this site to view keyboard shortcuts for popular Microsoft products such as Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and many others: http://www.microsoft.com/enable/products/keyboard.aspx.