Week of 10/26-10/30

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Let the sugar highs begin!  This has been a fast moving week.  Students are ready for a weekend full of sugar.  Thankfully Halloween is on Saturday.  Maybe the students will get the sugar out of their system before Monday.  Throughout this week there has been some great things happening. We have more and more students using their Office 365 account, more projects on the computers and iPads, lessons on the interactive whiteboard lessons, and much more.  As we move into the second half of the fall, let’s keep the great things happening.

At a Glance:

Bloggif – website

Here’s a fun site that can help add a little flare to your website or presentation.  Want sparkly text on your title slide of a presentation?  Try the Animated Text creator.  What to add some effects like Sepia to a photo?  Try the PhotoEffect editor.  This site is simple to use and can enhance a presentation or website, while adding a little fun at the same time.


Providing Students Meaningful Feedback – website

We all know that student feedback is vital to student growth and success.  Not all feedback leads to student success and some feedback is better than other types.  Research has been done on finding the most effective feedback.  The website above covers five research-based tips for providing students with feedback.  The research was done by Professor James Pennebaker from the University of Texas.  This article offers some great insight on great techniques to use when your students.