Week of 11-10-14

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I came to a sudden realization at the start of this week.  It’s November!  This year is flying by very quickly.  I have seen so many great things happening and been thrilled to be helping out where I can.  This past couple weeks we’ve brought many of our students onboard to Office 365 so they may utilize their e-mail and OneDrive.  Please encourage our students to use this great resource.  They can create Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files through OneDrive without having the software installed at both home and school.  They can use OneDrive to transfer files back and forth from home to school (no more forgotten or broken flash drives).  They can e-mail and/or share files directly with their teacher.  Let me know if you need assistance or have questions regarding any of these processes so that you can share them with your students.

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Create your online newspaper in minutes.  Paper.li is a content curation service that enables people to publish newspapers based on topics they like and treat their readers to fresh news, daily.  This is an incredible way to ensure students are grasping concepts being taught while allowing them to be creative in the process.  This site has potential use in any content area.


Tech Tip

Instead of hitting backspace multiple times to correct misspelled words, erase the whole word by pressing CTRL + Backspace.


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Get in the Mix

Nov 18th

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Let’s face it. You’re kind of a big deal… with a lot on your plate. With that in mind, let’s explore Office Mix. Take your PowerPoint presentations and bring them to life as interactive online lessons. From recording audio or video of yourself giving a lecture, to directly writing in the presentation as you would at your whiteboard, to quizzing, to sharing, to seeing how it all worked – Office Mix helps you do it all simply.

Spring schedule will be coming soon.