Week of 11-11-13

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I walked into the school building this week in complete disbelief that this was the beginning of the 3rd six-weeks.  Several activities happening on campus as the semester is entering its last six-weeks.  Several students had the opportunity to observe a knee surgery through distance learning, students are creating commercials in Movie Maker, stop motion animation in English, and others are using Google Earth to learn math skills.  Love seeing many great activities that are keeping the students engaged and moving forward as we enter a busy time both at home and at school.  If I can help, let me know; but I won’t do your holiday shopping.  🙂

Just a notice, I will not be on campus Thanksgiving week (November 25-26).  I will be in district and available through e-mail, but I will not be making my normal campus visits.  I’ll be back on campus starting December 2.  My last day on campus for the semester will be December 12.  I will be back on campus for regular visits starting January 13.

At a Glance:

Google Earth Walks website – During a Google Earth Walk, students engage in real-world problem solving as they work their way through a virtual tour on Google Earth.  Each place mark offers an engaging, geotagged image as well as a compelling question, challenging students to apply what they’ve learned in the real world.  Check out the site for some great Earth Walks that are already created.  Don’t see one that fits your needs, let me know.  I will be happy to sit down with you to help you develop one for your content area.

5 Powerful Questions Teachers Can Ask Studentswebsite – An article written from a first person’s experience on asking questions of students.  The teacher discusses what she has learned over the years about asking effective questions.  Great article that gives simple, but powerful questions you can ask your students to make them think deeply.

Capzleswebsite – With Capzles, teachers and students can create timelines with photos, videos, audio, and text and make them unique by personalizing them with special colors, backgrounds, and music. You can also edit the sharing options and control who can view it. Capzles does require a free registration.

SmartFindExpress Mobile (WebCenter for iOS) – website – For those of you with an iPhone or iPad, there is an app available for entering in your absences.  Here is the link to download the app for free:


You will be required to type in the LCISD Web Center address (https://webcenter.lcisd.org), then your Web Center User ID and Password.



Technology Staff Development Opportunities

Date ASCEND Section# Training Location Description
Tuesday, November 19 77311 Promethean Intermediate iCafe Lab Learn how to create flipchart magic in this intermediate   ActivInspire training. Explore the browsers and layers and begin to create   flipcharts of your very own. To get the most out of this training, you must   have basic knowledge of Promethean’s ActivInspire software.