Week of 11-17-14

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This was a very fast week. Followed up with a very short week next week. Many awesome projects and assignments happening on campus. Students creating a variety of multimedia projects ranging from PowerPoint to movie creation. Many classes working with student response systems. The student response clickers (SMART Response/Promethean ActiVotes & ActivExpressions) are a great way to get feedback from your students during a lesson as well as an easy way to give an assessment. Let’s keep the active engagement going with our students.

I will not be on campus next week. The CITS team will be planning staff development opportunities for the spring and we have already begun our discussion for INTERACT 2015. Start looking for teammates. There will be a lot more information regarding INTERACT sometime in January. If you don’t know about INTERACT, read some information about it on iCafe or ask around. There are many teachers who have attended this great staff development.

The new secondary CITS was announced at last night’s board meeting. Daniel Perez, a science teacher from Wessendorff Middle School, will be the serving the blue track campuses (Wessendorff, Lamar Junior, and Lamar Consolidated). His exact start date has not yet been set. Give him a big welcome when you see him.

At a Glance:

TXed Twitter Chatwebsite

Are you part of Twitter? If not, you should be. Twitter is full of great resources for education. There are many great educators sharing knowledge and resources through Twitter. One great thing about Twitter are the Twitter chats. Twitter chats are generally an hour long, fast paced, conversation between people from around the world. One such Twitter chat is the #TXed chat. It is an education focus discussion. It started in Texas, but now has participants from all over the country every week. Visit the link about to learn more. If you would like to learn more about Twitter, contact me. I will work with you on creating an account and learning the basics.


Tech Tip – 

Here are a couple of quick ways you can select text within a document or on a website:

  • Double-click a word to highlight it
  • Triple-click any word within a paragraph to select the entire paragraph


Technology Staff Development Opportunities

Spring schedule will be coming soon.