Week of 11/16-11/20

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This was another great week.  INTERACT participants are receiving items ordered through their INTERACT budgets.  The creative juices are flowing as the new equipment comes into the classroom.  It will be exciting to see all the great things coming out of these classrooms.  If you know one of your neighbors attended INTERACT, knock on their door to see what awesome ideas they have planned in the coming weeks and months.

As we move into next week and being preparing for the Thanksgiving break, please remember to take a few minutes at the end of the day on Tuesday to ensure all your equipment gets shutdown.  Just like you; your computer, projector, and peripheral devices are tired and need the break as well.

At a Glance:

E-mail Virus Warning

Much like the common cold, computer viruses coming through e-mail seem to hit in big waves a couple times a year.  Recently there have been several e-mails coming to district employees with file attachments.  While the e-mail itself is harmless, the attachments often contain viruses.  If you receive an e-mail with an attachment you weren’t expecting, don’t open the attachment.  The people sending these are clever.  They name the attachment something that seems realistic (Invoice, Resume, File You Requested, etc.).  Here is a picture of one I received recently:


Being a nerd, I did some diagnostics on this virus.  It tries to disguise itself as a legitimate file belonging to a person in Arkansas, but the actually e-mail originated from a hacked server in China.  If a person would to activate the virus in the file, it would download additional viruses from a server in Russia.

If the file name ends in “.zip” or “.exe”, it very likely is a virus.  There are other file types that contain viruses as well, but these are the two most common.  If you recently this type of e-mail, don’t open the attachment.  Simply delete the message.  The message is harmless, the attachment is the virus.  If you did open the attachment, there is a chance your computer will become infected.  A work order will need submitted to remove the virus.  The district technicians will likely reimage your computer, so back up any critical files beforehand.


Discounts With Dell – website

As an LCISD employees, we are eligible for discounts with Dell.  Through the link above, you are eligible to receive discounts on a variety of Dell products.  If you are in the market for a new TV, computer, printer, or one of the many of other electronics sold by Dell, take a look to see if you can save a few dollars over regular retail pricing.


Tech Tip – Inserting a Page Break

It’s seen quite frequently, someone needed to create a new blank page within a Word document, so they press enter 20 plus times to get the cursor on the next blank page.  There is a quicker, better way to do this; press Ctrl+Enter on the keyboard.  This will automatically move the cursor to a new, blank page.