Week of 11/2-11/6

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This was a fast paced week.  Lots of different things happening throughout the district.  The students are more engaged and learning more because the teachers are raising the bar.  Exciting times for INTERACT participants.  Equipment they ordered through INTERACT has started to arrive.  Can’t wait to see the great activities the teachers develop with the new equipment.

As we move forward into the holiday season, just a reminder, I will not be on campus Thanksgiving week (November 23-24).  I will be in district and available through e-mail, but I will not be making my normal campus visits.  I’ll be back on campus starting November 30.  My last day on campus for the semester will be December 11.  I will be back on campus for regular visits starting January 11.

At a Glance:

Student Login Information – website

If you have not done so, please get with your students and provide them with their student log in information.  The link above is a step-by-step video on how to get this information from Skyward.  Students need this information to log into the computer, access their grades in Skyward, and log into Office 365.  I have personally spoken with students at all grades levels and have found a good number of students who have either never received their log in information or had no idea they had access to the Office programs at home.  This is information that is highly useful for all our students.  If you are looking for a way to share this information with your students or simply need someone to help explain it to them, let me know.  We can arrange a time when I can walk your students through the process of logging into their accounts and how to access the information.


Professional Development Grant – website

Have you talked to colleagues after they’ve returned from a professional development conference and wished you’d gone, too? What conference would you attend, if you could go for free?  ShareMyLesson.com is offering a grant to help get the innovative training and knowledge you need. Complete a brief survey on Share My Lesson by November 12 for a chance to win a $1,500 stipend towards conference fees.  Simply complete the brief survey by providing your name and the email address you used to activate your account with Share My Lesson by November 12, 2015.


Tech Tip – Unroll.me

Do you remember signing up for that newsletter?   Chances are, you’re drowning in unwanted email subscriptions.  Unroll.me gives you the option to unsubscribe from junk emails right off the bat.  One click and they’re gone.