Week of 11/30-12/4

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As the fall term is closing, time seems to be moving fast. Many great things have been happening as we close in on the Winter break. We got students doing all types of creation projects with iPads. There are students creating videos through Movie Maker. As we close in on the end of the fall term, let’s keep the learning moving forward. This will be my last week on campus this fall. I will return to my normal campus schedule starting the week of January 11. I will still be available to you if needed. Please e-mail and I will see what we can arrange to address your needs.

We have all been dealing with the slow network speed over the last couple months. We are all in this together. Rest assured, our network department is working hard to correct this issue. This has been the top priority of the networking team.

At a Glance:

Clutter Folder in Outlook

There is a folder within Outlook that has appeared in recently months named “Clutter”. Clutter is designed to help clean up your Inbox, similar to a junk folder. Messages that go into Clutter are those that you want to receive, but don’t normally get to read until a later time. While convenient, it has caused problems for us as well. The recent campus climate survey and e-mails from parents are just a couple examples of messages going to this folder that need to go to the Inbox. Many people want to disable the Clutter folder rather than check two separate folders. Here are the steps to disable Clutter:

  1. Sign in to Outlook Web App (NOT desktop Outlook).
  2. At the top left corner of the page, select the App launcher icon, and then select Mail.
  3. On the top right corner of the page, go to Settings > Options > Mail > Automatic processing > Clutter.
  4. Choose Don’t separate items identified as Clutter, then Save .

Once turned off, mail should stop going to your Clutter folder.  Messages that are in the folder will stay in the Clutter folder and will need moved manually.  Also, the Clutter folder will remain.  There is no way to delete it.


LCISD Parent Climate Survey – website

Recently the district released the climate survey’s for students, staff, and parents. While the student and staff surveys are easy to promote because of accessibility them, the parent survey frequently gets overlooked. Please promote this survey to your students’ parents. Copy the above link and send to out. We need their input.


Tech Tip – Snipping Tool

Even though I’ve shared this in the past, it’s worth sharing again. Need a quick way to take a picture of a specific part of your computer screen?  The snipping tool is a great resource that’s ready to go on your computer!


  1. Click the Start button at the bottom left of your desktop
  2. Enter Snipping Tool in the Search Programs and Files box
  3. Push Enter on your keyboard

The Snipping Tool will automatically open.  Use your mouse to click and drag to select the part of the screen you would like to snip.

Like what you snipped?  Click File à Save As to save your file to your desktop, OneDrive, H: drive, or removable storage.


Entertainment – Prank Pack Fake Gift Boxes

Looking to have fun with someone this holiday season. How about a prank gift box? Make the recipient believe they have been given a Hot Lip Face Warmer or an Earwax Candle Kit. Check on this site for some funny and borderline disturbing prank gift boxes: http://prankpack.com/. You buy the box, then fill it with a legitimate gift. Wrap the box and wait to see their reaction.