Week of 12-1-14

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The fall term is quickly coming to an end. Students are exploding in anticipation of winter break. Their extra energy could be an opportunity to help their learning explode. Being part of several great things happening in the classroom has been great. Helping create interactive lessons for the SMART Board, students using student response systems for assessments, many different multimedia projects, and more. Need help, let me know so we can get something scheduled.

Next week will be my last week on campus this fall. I will return to my regular campus rotation on January 12. The CITS are finalizing our spring staff development schedule and getting things ready for INTERACT 2015. I will still be available if you need me; e-mail is the best way to reach me. As you begin preparing for winter break, please remember to turn off all the equipment in your classrooms. This is good for the equipment and reduces lockups and crashes.

At a Glance:

7 Ways You Can Use Texting to Your Advantage in the Classroomwebsite

The concept of using a cell phone in the classroom is nothing new. There is still a lot of apprehension to letting the students use cell phones for classroom activities because of texting. We know students today do a whole lot of texting. I’m still amazed at how fast students can type and send messages. Let’s take advantage of their texting. Turn their text messages into learning activities. Take a look at this article (about ½ way down the page) for some great ways to use texting in the classroom. Don’t want to use text messages or cell phones…use Twitter. With Twitter’s 140 character limit, the same concepts can apply (and can be supervised better).


Tech Tipediting a PDF

Are you needing to edit a PDF file? Don’t invest in an expensive PDF editor when you have Microsoft Word 2013. Simply go into Word, click File à Open. Browse to and open the PDF file. Word has a built in converter. The PDF will be converted to a Word document that can now be edited. When you hit save, it will save as a new Word document (it does not change the original PDF). One thing to note, PDF’s may not import perfectly. You will want to proof it over for importing errors.