Week of 12-2-13

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Yet another wonderful week inching us ever closer to the Winter Break.  Next week will be my last regular campus visit until the week of January 13.  As we semester is wrapping up, please be sure you are turning off your computer daily.  Shut off your projector when it is not in use.  I have walked into several empty rooms in recent weeks to shut off projectors.  With an extended break approaching, it’s good to be in the habit of turning off everything so you don’t accidentally leave it on.

At a Glance:

Discovery Education website – We know Discovery Education is a valuable resource for educational media (video, audio, and images).  If you have not been in the system for a long time, take a look; you are sure to find something useful.  Discovery is always adding new content.

All students enrolled in LCISD are loaded into the Discovery Education (DE) streaming system and student accounts are active.  The DE student username is composed of letters and numbers, including “lcisd”  “first initials of the first and last names” “student ID number with 6 digits”.  Example: Jane Doe’s username would be = lcisdjd123456.  The student password is the same password that is in Skyward.

With students having an account, you can assign videos to students for them to watch.  Teachers, if you are in need of an account for Discovery Education, you can contact your campus librarian or me.

Google Tips – Seeking and Findingwebsite – Don’t assume that your students know the best ways to search for information with Google. Share these quick tips for them to practice.


  • Don’t worry about case. The search isn’t case sensitive. A search for “new york times” is the same as a search for “New York Times.”
  • Search by file type. You can locate specific types of files, such as PDFs, PowerPoints, or Excel spreadsheets by adding “filetype:” and the three-letter file abbreviation (PDF, ppt, xls). This can be a real timer saver for teachers. If you are looking for a way to introduce adding fractions to your students, you can search for “adding fractions .ppt” and find lots of presentations ready for you to customize.
  • Get definitions. Put “define:” in front of any word to quickly get its definition.
  • Narrow your search. Use the subtraction symbol (-) without spaces before a word to exclude it from the search results. Typing “alamo -car” will eliminate results about Alamo car rental when you need things about the San Antonio Alamo.
  • Locate earthquake activity. Type “earthquake” in the search box and your results will feature U.S. Geological Survey information showing the time, place, and magnitude of recent earthquakes.
  • Find similar terms. Get results that include synonyms by placing the ~ sign immediately in front of your search term. A search for “Christmas ~dessert recipes,” for instance, will return results for desserts, along with candy, cookies, and other treats.

Short video tutorials on these and other search techniques are available from the link above.

Free Online Courses for STEM Educatorswebsite – HP has partnered with ISTE and the New Media Consortium (NMC) to offer free online mini-courses for innovative approaches to STEM education–the HP STEMx Catalyst Academy. These are four-week mini-courses on topics such as Remote Labs, Maker Spaces, Sports Performance, Gaming, and App Design. Most courses begin November 15 and registration is open now. The courses are designed for busy educators and include resources that can be used immediately in the science, technology, and math classrooms. A catalog of all of the courses is available at the link above.

Reinstalling the OneNote Printer – Recently, a network update removed the OneNote printer from the computers.  As a result, no one was able to send documents to OneNote.  The attached cheat sheet will take you through the steps to reinstall the cheat sheet and correct this issue.

Technology Staff Development Opportunities

Be on the lookout for the spring semester staff development opportunities.  They will be posting within ASCEND soon.  There has been excellent staff development opportunities through this semester.  The technology staff development team and the CITS have offered roughly 120 hours of staff development opportunities since the start of August.  There will be many opportunities next semester as well, the schedule will be posting soon.