Week of 12/7-12/11

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The end is near, but I can see everyone is still working hard to ensure our students are learning and preparing them for future. Several great activities going on in the classrooms. More iPad creation projects, students creating commercials, several research projects, gaming in the classroom to promote writing, and much more. It’s great to see so much commitment to student success.

Give a big welcome to Chelsea Murray who has taken over for David Squires. She officially started this week as she has transitioned out of the science classroom at George Ranch. She will be providing CITS services to the maroon track campuses (George Ranch, Reading, and Polly Ryon). With Chelsea’s hiring, I will be transitioning back to my original schedule of Foster on Monday and Tuesday, Briscoe on Wednesday, and Wertheimer on Thursday.

Next week I will not be on campus.  I will return to my normal weekly schedule starting January 11.  I will still be available to you if needed.  Please e-mail and I will see what we can arrange to address your needs.

At a Glance:

Shop with L.E.A.F. this Holiday Season

It was great to see so many L.E.A.F. recipients recently.  We can begin showing our support for next year’s recipients.  Perhaps you’re going to be spending some extra money over the next few weeks due to the Holiday season.  Support L.E.A.F. with any shopping at Amazon.com or Kroger.  Below are instructions on how you can tie your current accounts with L.E.A.F.:

Amazon Instructions

STEP 1: Go to http://smile.amazon.com

STEP 2: Sign-in/Create an Account with Amazon

STEP 3: Scroll to the bottom and Search for LEAF by typing “Lamar Educational Awards Foundation”.

STEP 4: LEAF should be the first one that pops up, the click Select.

STEP 5: You will then be taken to the Amazon (Smile) page. There’s nothing different from the regular page except it will show LEAF as a supported organization.  When you check out, it will also show you’re supporting the LEAF organization before you select “Place Your Order”.

Kroger Instructions

NOTE: If you enrolled last year with your Kroger Rewards, you’ll need to re-enroll for this year.  This went into effect on Sept 1, 2015.

STEP 1: Go to https://www.kroger.com/communityrewards

STEP 2: Sign in or Create an online account and connect it to your Kroger Card.

STEP 3: Select Enroll (for the Community Rewards program).

STEP 4: Search with LEAF Organization number (91093) or their name. After you select Search, LEAF will pop up below on the same screen.  Click on Enroll. Don’t click on Cancel because we know you’re smarter than that. 🙂

STEP 5: You’ll receive a confirmation page and at the bottom of your profile you’ll see the Community Rewards section tied to your card.  There you’ll find the LEAF information. Again, don’t click Cancel Enrollment; why would you?


19 Things 90’s Kids Remember But Our Kids Can’t Identify – website

Talk to your kid about “Frozen” or Facebook, and they follow right along. Try bringing up just about anything you experienced as a kid in the 90’s, and today’s children give you a blank stare. It’s amazing how much things have changed since the 90’s.


Tech Tip – Thesaurus in Office Programs

We are all familiar with using spellcheck within Word, PowerPoint, and other Office programs. Did you know about the Thesaurus in the Office programs? If you are looking for a synonym, select the word, then press Shift+F7 to display a list of possible choices.