Week of 2-23-15

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What a great week.  There are many awesome activities happening on campus.  Students have been creating videos, presentations, and many hands on projects.  With the students getting restless in anticipation of spring break, this is a great time to take advantage of their extra energy.  Get them up to the board to instruct the class.  The students who like to act out while in their seat can often times be some of the best to co-presenters with the teacher.

During the past couple weeks, I heard from several people having issues with their computers running slow and freezing up.  While there are many reasons for something like this to happen, I have found that in most cases, a restart of the computer fixes the issue.  Many times it is found that the computer has not been shut down for extended periods of time.  While it’s recommended you shut your computer down nightly, if you aren’t, please shut it down at least on the weekends.  Just like people, it needs to rest.

At a Glance:

Virus Warningwebsite

There is a nasty virus that has been out in the world for a while now, but the district is seeing an increase of infections recently.  The virus is part of a group called ransomware.  This virus is primarily spread through e-mail attachments.  It encrypts your files with a password making your documents inaccessible and demands payment to unlock them.  In most cases, if you get infected, your files are gone.  Please be extra careful regarding e-mail attachments.  If you do not recognize the sender, do not open the attachment.  Many of these e-mails appear to come from legitimate sources such as FedEx, UPS, or FBI.  Also, if the attachment ends with “.exe” or “.zip”, there is good chance it is not a trustworthy attachment.  You are safe to delete these e-mails, just don’t open the attachments.


The Decorah Bald Eagles website

The Decorah Bald Eagles is a website featuring a live-streaming webcam of a bald eagle nest and family in Decorah, Iowa.  The site features a live video stream of the nest.  The parents can be seen delivering a food to the nest, feeding the eaglets, and protecting them from predators and harsh weather.  There is infrared lighting so the nest is viewable around the clock during the nesting season.  The nesting season begins in January or February and runs into June.  This is something neat to watch that students love.  It’s great for research purposes as well as good for conversation starters.


Tech TipCheck Your Projector Filter

During this past summer, a large number of projectors were replaced (if yours wasn’t, it’s on the district roadmap).  While the new projectors are brighter and have a better picture, the filters are beginning to clog up.  When this happens, the projector will stop working.  A work order will get it cleaned and working again.  If you are willing to do it yourself (only if you’re comfortable and careful), here are the steps for cleaning the filter:

  1. Pull the black power cord out of the projector
  2. Remove the filter on the side (it will pop off by pressing the two clips)
  3. Beat out the dust from the filter
  4. Replace the filter
  5. Plug in the power and try turning it on