Week of 2/22-2/26

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Another fast moving week.  Many awesome things continuing to happen.  Students working on a variety of research presentations, iPad activities involving research and creation, and more.  As March is creeping up on us, let’s keep our position, forward momentum going.  With testing season coming up fast, I know our students will perform well on all the different tests given throughout the spring.  We have everything from state standardize tests to SAT/ACT tests.  With the teaching I see happening, our students will excel.

Curiosity has me wondering, how many people regularly read the information in the weekly newsletter.  If you read these regularly, click this link and submit your name.  This is just an informal check.  I’ve been receiving several e-mails about things that have been addressed in recent newsletters.  I’ve done a lot of copying and pasting from previous newsletters to answer questions to answer questions, so I thought I would have fun and see who is reading the information.

At a Glance:

Help Tickets/Work Orders website

During this week I was part of a conversation in which someone remarked about a technical issue and insinuated that it had existed for a while and no one had addressed it.  This concerned me, because our district technicians are traditionally very good about addressing help tickets.  I did some research to see if a work order for the issue existed and how long it had been in the system.  What I found was no ticket had been created; there hasn’t been a help ticket for that room in over a year.  To submit a help ticket, use the link above to go to the helpdesk website.  Additional details on submitting help tickets can be found further down in this e-mail.  If something is broken, please take the time to submit a help ticket.  Don’t assume someone else has already done it, or someone will magically come by and fix the problem without knowing about it.  Ensuring a help ticket is submitted will save a lot of frustration and prevent people being upset because something doesn’t work.


Storyboard Thatwebsite

Whether it’s for a job or just ordering dinner, communication is a critical part of society.  Storyboard That is a fun tool to improve how people communicate.  Storyboard That can be used to describe ideas, user flows, basic processes, and anything else you want, people will be more willing to spend the time to do it. Storyboard That is easy to use and can be applied to any content area.  Best of all, everyone can easily login and begin working today.  You and your students can use their LCISD credentials, to gain access.  Simply click on the Log On button, choose I have an Account, and select the Office 365 button.  Below is just an example of what can be done.



Tech Tip – Change Letter Case in Microsoft Office

We’ve all done it.  We start typing, look up, and realize we’ve TYPED AN ENTIRE SENTENCE IN ALL CAPS.  Don’t backspace and start over; there’s a simple fix.  Highlight the affected text, press Shift+F3 on your keyboard.  This will change the case of the letters between upper case, lower case, and sentence case.  Much better than retyping.


Entertainment – Great way to teach the periodic table