Week of 2/29-3/4

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This was a very busy week.  Testing season tends to be chaotic.  See many things happening on the campus outside of testing.  Many different types of multimedia projects using cameras, iPads, iPods, Movie Maker, and digital cameras.  So many great things that the students are doing to reinforce learning.  This is a great way to keep your students active and learning as we enter the late stages of the spring semester.

I want to thank everyone who completed the short survey I sent out last week.  This is useful data for knowing roughly who is and who isn’t reading the messages.  While I understand the weekly e-mails don’t get read every week, it is important to skim over the contents for information that might be important.  For those who did complete, I plan to drop off a little something for you.

At a Glance:

Eduphoria to Skyward

If you are not aware, you can import your grades from Eduphoria into Skyward.  Below is the process for completing this (hopefully I didn’t miss any steps).  If you have any questions, let me know.

Export from Eduphoria

  1. Log into Eduphoria
  2. Go to Aware
  3. Locate the assessment
  4. Click on the “Export Grades” button
  5. Save the File to a location you will remember

Import into Skyward

  1. Log into Skyward
  2. Go to the desired grade book
  3. Create the assignment
  4. Hover over Assignments
  5. Click on Import Assignment Scores
  6. Select the assignment from the list shown
    1. If necessary, check one or both boxes to show additional assignments
  7. Click Browse to find the CSV file that you exported from Eduphoria
  8. Click “Import Scores”
  9. Click “Use Imported Scores” after reviewing the data preview of grades to be imported
  10. If there are no changes to the grades, just click “Save” to complete the process


T3 Call for Presenterswebsite

It’s time again to start preparing for the 8th Annual Teaching Through Technology (T3) conference. This event is a full day conference for any LCISD teachers (or any educator really!) to attend, allowing them a fun day to learn creative new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. This event has frequently been a catalyst for new ideas on effective use of technology in the classroom and I’m sure this year will be no different!

Right now, we are looking for presenters to share ways they are using technology in their classrooms and we would love to showcase the amazing teachers from your campus!

Please encourage (PERSONALLY INVITE!) your rock star teachers, facilitators, specialists and administrators to share their lessons and ideas at T3…one of the primary ways we have had success in LCISD is through the sharing of great ideas and we all know LCISD staff have great ideas to share!

Here are the details on T3:

  • Date: August 2nd, 2016
  • Time: 8:30 – 4:00
  • Location: Reading JH

The deadline to submit sessions is Monday, March 28th! Please share this email with your teachers!

To propose a session, follow this link: http://icafe.lcisd.org/t3/t3-propose-a-session/

To get more info or sign up to attend, check out the iCafe page all about T3: http://icafe.lcisd.org/t3/


Tech Tip website

180 Technology Tips is a website full of different tips including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Windows.