Week of 2/8-2/12

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This has been a great week.  Everything has moved at a fast pace.  Being out for the TCEA conference made for some busyness coming back, but that’s okay, I like being busy.  I’ve seen several great things on campus throughout the week.  Kids getting outside and active using GPS units, teachers using Excel surveys through Office 365 with students, many research projects on computers, and a variety of tasks with iPads.  Love seeing the students so active as we begin entering the testing season.

At a Glance:

Teaching Tools for Black History Month website

Black History Month provides a great opportunity for students to explore and learn more about a variety of issues.  While there are many different resources available to find content, this website brings together a list of good resources in one location.  While this concept may seem to limit itself to history, there are ways to bring this content into other subjects with reading and writing, statistics, arts, and more.


Reinventing Historical Propaganda Through Memes – website

Here is a creative way to provide students a hands-on challenges in Social Students taking them away from the normal discussion and lecture-based class.  Memes can be a fun activity for students to show how well they grasp an historical event and sum it up with a few words and a picture.  This article and activity does focus on Social Studies, but memes can be used in any content area very easily.


Tech Tip – Microsoft Word is Slow

Is your Microsoft Word slow to type and respond?  It could be caused by the graphics acceleration on the computer.  Follow these steps to disable the graphics acceleration:

  1. Open Word
  2. Click File
  3. Click Options
  4. Click Advanced on the left side
  5. Scroll down to the Display section (about half way down)
  6. Check the “Disable hardware graphics acceleration” checkbox
  7. Click OK