Week of 3-17-14

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Spring break is over and now the task of getting back into the swing of things.  Hope your break was relaxing and rewarding.  As the year rolls along, we find ourselves coming into prime testing season.  As you begin testing preparations, remember there are many different techniques that can be used to help the students prepare.  If you are doing review that is more test oriented and involves a lot of multiple choice and true/false, mix it up a little with student response clickers.  The students are still getting the same content, they just do so with something in their hand that is a little more than a bubble sheet and pencil.  How about making the students retell facts through a movie created through iMovie or stop motion?  There are many different options.

At a Glance:

10 Most Common Rookie Mistakes in Public Speakingwebsite – This great article highlights ten mistakes commonly made in public speaking.  The information contained within the article is great information for both professionals and students.  Here is a great way to get students ready for public speaking.  They may believe they will never be in a position to speak publicly in their future; however, most people end up surprised on how much public speaking them do in a position that is not a normally viewed as a public role.

5 Terrific Web Tools to Create Academic Digital Portfolioswebsite – Digital portfolios are great ways for students to showcase their work and keep track of their learning. There are now a wide variety of web tools that allow users to easily create digital portfolios and share them with others. Looking to have your students create a digital portfolio?  Take a look here, these are some great options.  You may also find these resources have more use beyond just a portfolio.

What Keeps Students Motivated to Learn?website – Excellent article regarding student motivation and various techniques that can be used in the classroom.  See the students’ perspective on these techniques.  Students want to learn, but, like everyone, they want to learn in a manner more suitable to their needs, personality, and interests.

Entertainment – Twenty years ago, we had Steve Jobs, Johnny Cash, and Bob Hope.  Now we have no jobs, no cash, and no hope.  Please, don’t let Kevin Bacon die.

Technology Staff Development Opportunities – Log into ASCEND to register


ASCEND Section#

Training Location
March 27 98009 Tips and Tricks for Office 2013 iCafe
April 8 98010 Become a Skydrive Pro iCafe
April 24 98005 Introduction to  Microsoft OneNote iCafe
March 24 98023 Webinar 7 – Skilled Communication Online
March 31 98024 Webinar 8 – Certification Presentations Online