Week of 3/21-3/25

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Spring break is over and now the task of getting back into the swing of things.  Hope your break was relaxing and rewarding.  We are following up Spring Break with two 4-day weeks.  After these couple weeks, we enter the final stretch to the end of the school year.  Just like normal, the students begin to get restless as they see the end of the school year on the horizon.  This is a great time to pull out engaging activities that will keep the students wanting to learn.  We’ve got computers, iPads, GPS’s, cameras, gaming systems, and more that are great to student engagement.  If we don’t have it on campus, there is a good chance we can get it from the district level.  Let me know and we can make arrangements.

Just a reminder to everyone, please ensure you are turning off your projectors when they are not in use for 5 or more minutes.  I have seen a large number of projectors on and no one in the room.  There are many projectors on in rooms first thing in the morning before the teacher is on campus indicating the projector has been on all night.  This is not good for the projector or the bulb.  You wouldn’t leave your car running unattended in the driveway for 30 minutes, let alone all night; the same goes for the projector.

On Friday before spring break, it was announced that a realignment of the secondary CITS will be happening next year with the opening of Fulshear and Leaman.  Starting in August, I will be the CITS for the new campuses (Fulshear and Leaman).  Noreen Dooley, who is currently the CITS for four elementary campuses, will be the CITS for the gold track campuses.  While it will be sad to say goodbye to the track I’ve called home for so many years, I leave knowing the gold track will be in awesome hands.  This will not affect Special Sites, as I will continue to cover all these sites when needed.

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Giving Students the Illusion of Controlling Instruction

Getting all students to be activity engaged and interested in everyday instruction is often a challenge.  While most students are self-disciplined to take an active role in their learning, they usually only do the bare minimum so they can maintain their grades.  An idea I saw recently was a neat concept; let the students choose the order of learning each day.  The process is easy:  list the objectives for the day on the board.  Give the students the choice of the order; this gives them a feeling of control.  Add one fun thing to the list – this gives a good break at a time the students choose.  While this won’t work with every lesson, it’s a great change of pace for the lessons for which it will work.  The students will likely be more responsive to the lesson of the day because they got to learn based on their choices.


T3 Call for Presenterswebsite

It’s time again to start preparing for the 8th Annual Teaching Through Technology (T3) conference. This event is a full day conference for any LCISD teachers (or any educator really!) to attend, allowing them a fun day to learn creative new ways to integrate technology into their classrooms. This event has frequently been a catalyst for new ideas on effective use of technology in the classroom and I’m sure this year will be no different!

Right now, we are looking for presenters to share ways they are using technology in their classrooms and we would love to showcase the amazing teachers from your campus!

Please encourage (PERSONALLY INVITE!) your rock star teachers, facilitators, specialists and administrators to share their lessons and ideas at T3…one of the primary ways we have had success in LCISD is through the sharing of great ideas and we all know LCISD staff have great ideas to share!

Here are the details on T3:

  • Date: August 2nd, 2016
  • Time: 8:30 – 4:00
  • Location: Reading JH

The deadline to submit sessions is Monday, March 28th! Please share this email with your teachers!

To propose a session, follow this link: http://icafe.lcisd.org/t3/t3-propose-a-session/

To get more info or sign up to attend, check out the iCafe page all about T3: http://icafe.lcisd.org/t3/


Tech Tip website

Looking for something new to read?  Check out Hundred Zeros.  There are 1000’s of free books that can be downloaded onto the Kindle.  Don’t have a Kindle?  Not a problem, there is a Kindle app for most smart phones and for Windows 8 and 10.  Take a look, there is bound be books in your desired reading genre.


Entertainment – website

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