Week of 4-13-15

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Another fast paced week. Seeing a lot of great review strategies taking place as students are prepared for upcoming testing. Out students will be successful because they have some of the best teachers around. Continue to encourage the students. Even as the testing days are upon us, a positive word can make a difference in how the students perceive the test. It may not be our favorite thing, but as long as we approach it with a smile, our students will hopefully not take it with a negative outlook. Positive thoughts will carry out students far.

In the coming weeks, with testing and INTERACT preparations, I will off campus quite a bit.  Currently, during the week of April 20-24, due to testing, I will miss my normal campuses visits.  On non-testing days during this week, I will working with the other CITS on future projects, but will do my best to be available to assist with any requests received.  Also, the week of May 4-8, I will be off campus working with all the CITS in preparation of INTERACT.  I will be accessible through e-mail that week, but will not be on campus.  My last official days on campus this week will be the week of May 18.  Starting May 25, the CITS will be completing the final preparations for INTERACT, summer trainings, the T3 conference, and other end of the year activities.  While not on campus, I will be available as time permits.

At a Glance:

Piktochart Infographics Creatorwebsite

Looking for an easy way for you students to organize information and research? Try an infographic. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information and data presented in an easy to read format. These are a great way for students to summarize data and facts they have learned. There are several resources available for creating these. Piktochart is a website with hundreds of templates ready for use and it’s free. The site is easy use and learn. Need assistance, let me know. I can walk you and your students through the process.


School-Wide Twitter Chats website

Twitter chats are nothing new. They have been around for several years. Educators use them as a means of collaboration across the world to learn from each. There are many great discussions happening on a daily basis. Twitter chats have progressed to an interesting idea…Twitter chats with students. This article discusses how several schools in New Zealand have made this happen. This is a fun way to engage the students using a system that most of them already use. The possibilities of what can be accomplished with these chats are endless. While there is some up front planning, once things get going, it could be great for you and your students.


Tech Tip

As a teacher, you may want to know how your student’s are doing in their other classes. Through Skyward, you can find out. Here is the process:

  1. Log into Skyward
  2. Click on Teacher Access
  3. Click on My Students
  4. Click on the student to open up their details screen
  5. Click on Class Summary on the side menu to view their grades

This is a great feature so you can work with your students to ensure they are succeeding in all their classes.


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