Week of 4-14-14

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Next week I will not be on campus.  The CITS team is meeting next week to work on INTERACT planning.  I will still be in the district.  The best way to reach me will be through e-mail.  I will do my best to respond quickly.  This was a nice holiday shortened week.  A three day weekend is going to be nice.  Unfortunately we lost our four day weekend due to bad weather, but I’m not going to complain.  I’ll be very happy with the three day weekend.  We are now beginning to roll hard into testing throughout the district.  Students are ready.  Everyone has been working hard to prepare them.

At a Glance:

CITS Team Realignment – As some of you may be aware, the CITS have been realigned at the elementary and secondary level.  The secondary CITS are now going to service tracks instead of random campuses.  Special Sites is unaffected by this realignment.  I will continue to service Special Sites when requested.  Here is a breakdown of who will serve which track:

Red Track (Navarro, George Jr, Terry) – Jane Devin
Blue Track (Wessendorff, Lamar Consolidated Junior, Lamar Consolidated High)– Robyn Hrivnatz
Maroon Track (Polly Ryon, Reading, George Ranch) – David Squires
Gold Track (Wertheimer, Briscoe, Foster) – Jeff Peterson

A date has not been set for when this transition will take place.  For the time being, I will continue to serve the four high schools and special sites.

Heartbleed Bugwebsite –  There has been a lot of news lately about the Heathbleed bug.  The Heartbleed bug allows anyone on the Internet to read the memory of the systems protected by the vulnerable versions of the OpenSSL software (software that makes online shopping and banking safe).  This compromises the secret keys used to identify the service providers and to encrypt the traffic, the names and passwords of the users and the actual content.  This allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.  Check out this website to see which major websites were affected.  If you use an affected site, you will want to change your password.

Poll Everywherewebsite – Poll Everywhere is a simple application that works well for live audiences using mobile devices like phones. People participate by visiting a fast mobile-friendly web page for your event, sending text messages, or using Twitter. Instructions are displayed on-screen. The poll that is embedded within the presentation or web page will update in real time.  Use Poll Everywhere to check for understanding, get a feel for how students feel about a topic, brainstorming, or many other uses.  The attached PDF contains some basic account setup and usage instructions.

Entertainment website – kids reactions to a Walkman.

Technology Staff Development Opportunities – Log into ASCEND to register


ASCEND Section#

Training Location
April 24 98005 Introduction to  Microsoft OneNote iCafe

The CITS is deep in to preparing for INTERACT 2014, but the summer staff development schedule will be coming later.