Week of 4/11-4/15

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Another fast moving week.  Seeing a lot of great review strategies taking place as students are prepared for upcoming testing.  Out students will be successful because they have some of the best teachers around.  Continue to encourage the students.  Even as the testing days are upon us, a positive word can make a difference in how the students perceive the test.  It may not be our favorite thing, but as long as we approach it with a smile, our students will hopefully not take it with a negative outlook.  Positive thoughts will carry our students far.

I mentioned this last week.  As we begin to draw closer to the end of the year, I will be off campus a more frequently in preparation of INTERACT and in preparation of the beginning of next school year.  After STAAR testing, my visits to campuses will be limited as the CITS team will be completely engulfed with INTERACT preparations and beginning of the school year activities.  During this time, if you need me for anything, reach out through e-mail and I will do my best to accommodate your needs.

At a Glance:

Interactive Web Literacy Map – website

A framework for entry-level web literacy and 21st Century skills.  Mozilla’s interactive web literacy map is based on three main components of web literacy; reading, writing, and participating. Each of those elements is linked to smaller, supporting components.  Clicking on any component of Mozilla’s interactive web literacy map will lead you to a definition for that component.


50 Ways to Challenge Yourself As a Teacher website

As a teacher, we set goals for our students to help them grow.  We should strive have the same goal for ourselves.  Too often we move from day-to-day without pushing ourselves to grow.  Many of us already have ideas of how we would like to grow, we just need to take the plunge.  It’s spring, now’s a great time.  Are you looking for a new challenge, but cannot find something.  Check this site for some great ideas.  While some ideas are great, be careful with setting some of these as personal goals.


Tech Tip – Task Manager

It’s inevitable.  At some point you will need to get to the Task Manager on your computer to close a program that isn’t responding.  Most often we hit CTRL+ALT+Delete, then click on Task Manager.  Want a quick shortcut, press CTRL+Shift+ESC.  This will open Task Manager directory without the extra steps.  Here are a couple other useful shortcuts as well:

  • Minimize all open programs – Windows key + D
  • Close current program – Alt + F4