Week of 5-11-15

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The end of the year is very quickly approaching. Even so, I love that I am seeing students still working on various activities. With testing over, many classes have moved to a variety of computer based projects, iPad projects, and other activities. It’s great to see the creativity flowing from our students. As we enter into these last few weeks and as we put more equipment in the students’ hands, remember to continue monitoring their activity. Students know how to very quickly use these devices in manors not approved. They also like to be destructive. In recent weeks, there have been several computers and laptops damaged by students. Monitoring the students while they work and keeping them on task eliminates a vast majority of these issues. If you are in need of my assistance with any of these great activities, please let me know.

At a Glance:

Last Day on Campus

My last official days on campus this year will be the week of May 18.  Starting May 25, the CITS will be completing the final preparations for INTERACT, summer trainings, the T3 conference, and other end of the year activities.  While not on campus, I will be available as time permits.


T3 Conference website

Good afternoon!

The 7th Annual T3 – Teaching Through Technology – mini-conference session list has been published! Check out the incredible list of sessions being offered this year!


This is a great opportunity for YOU to come see some incredible new ways of integrating technology into your classroom! …and start the year off with 6 hours of DMA under your belt!

Cool things about T3 this year:

  • Keynote Speaker – Shannon Miller! Shannon is a teacher librarian and technology integration specialist who loves connecting, creating, change, advocacy, and NOISE! Read more about Shannon on her blog http://vanmeterlibraryvoice.blogspot.com and follow her on twitter (@shannonmmiller)!
  • DOOR PRIZES! …lots of awesome door prizes for your classroom!

Are you ready to attend?! Here are the specifics:

  • When: Tuesday, August 4, 2015 from 8:30 – 4:00
  • Where: Reading JH
  • Who: ANYONE – administrators, LCISD teachers, teachers from anywhere! Everyone is welcome!

What do you need to do to attend?

Simply register! Click on the link below to sign up! You will also get email reminders throughout the summer!


What can you do to make T3 a success?

Come…and invite your friends! Invite the teachers down the hall – invite the teachers down the OTHER hall – invite teachers that aren’t even at your school! We have an opportunity to pull some great ideas into our classrooms, so let’s all get together at T3 and bring these ideas into YOUR classroom!

We hope to see you at T3 on August 4th!


Tech Tip – End of the Year

With the end of the year coming up, please keep in mind that in the coming weeks, you will want to make sure you are backing up documents that you may have been saving on the computer.  There are several options for backing up your files.  One of the best options would be your OneDrive for Business account.  With OneDrive for Business, you can back up your files securely while still having access to them at school and at home.  If you need assistance, let me know.




Technology Staff Development Opportunities

The summer staff development schedule will be coming as soon as it is ready.