Week of 9-29-14

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This was an incredibly busy, but excellent week.  Many great activities happening on campus.  Worked with a good number of teachers on how to use SMART Response clickers with eduphoria Aware.  A simple process that eliminates the need for bubble sheets when doing assessments.  More GPS activities with the weather, mainly temperatures, looking good.  The rain can certainly hurt these activities, so make sure you have a backup plan when taking the kids outdoors.  Several computer based projects happening across the board.  It’s great seeing and being part of so many awesome activities.  If I can help, please let me know.

At a Glance:

The Power of the Positive Phone Call Homewebsite

This is an excellent article that highlights the importance of making positive phones to parents.  As educators, our phone calls home are frequently to report something negative.  Take the time to contact your students’ parents to report something positive.  Even reporting the little things can change how a parent views the school and how the student behaves and performs in your class.  I can personally relate to this having used this strategy with a student many years ago.  With one phone call, the student went from a major discipline problem to one my hardest working students.  I maintained contact with the parent throughout the school year, but only to report positive news.  By the end of the year, my class became the first class the student passed in two years.


Tech Tip

Create a desktop icon for a website:

For those websites you use frequently, but don’t want to go through all the extra clicking, create yourself a desktop shortcut to the website.  Follow these steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Navigate to the desired website
  3. Right-click on the background of the page
  4. Click “Create shortcut”
  5. Click “Yes” when prompted


Submitting Technology Work Orders

There has been a small change in the way work orders can be submitted.  You may continue to submit work orders by e-mailing the issue to helpdesk@lcisd.org.  Another way to submit work orders is through the “LCISD Help Desk” icon on your computer.

After the site opens, login using your LCISD credentials.  Click on “Help Desk” on the left side of the screen, then click New.  Choose the type of work order and then fill in the necessary fields.  Be sure to include all appropriate information so the work order can be routed appropriately.  Items to include, depending on the request, include room number, service tag number of the computer, make and model of the projector, and a detailed description of the problem.  You may also call x0220; they may be able to help you resolve the issue immediately over the phone minimizing your down time.