Week of 9/7-9/11

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This was my first scheduled week on campus.  Because of that, this is a lengthy e-mail.  I visited several classrooms this week and managed to touch base with a large number of teachers.  I love being busy…it makes my day worthwhile.  Naturally, the great uses of technology in learning activities is my biggest highlight.  There are students creating stories on iPad apps, students learning and using their Office 365 accounts, and using their cell phones as learning devices; these were just a few of the great activities happening on campuses.  I love seeing the wonderful activities and instruction occurring in the classroom.  It was great to meet and plan with so many excellent educators.  I see our students being highly successful this year because they have you as their teacher.  The down side of being so busy, I did not get the chance to visit with everyone on my list.  If I did not get to you, I apologize and I have not forgotten you.  I will do my best to see you next week.


A change is coming to my schedule starting the week of September 21.  While this only affects my schedule days at Foster, I want to make sure everyone is aware.  David Squires, the CITS for the maroon track, has accepted the open the assistant principal position at Lamar High.  Until his replacement is hired, I will be providing CITS services to George Ranch High School on Monday’s.  As a result, I will only be at Foster on Tuesday’s.


Below is a lot of information, so please be patient as you read through the message.  I am providing a lot of useful information and answering a lot of the frequently asked questions.  You may want to save this message for future reference.


At a Glance:



For everyone using Edmodo with the students, you can see how Edmodo is a phenomenal classroom resource.  It is an easy to use and secure way to communicate with both your students and parents.  Using it regularly is a great way to get the students and parents going to one location for all the classroom information and resources.  There are also a lot of great Edmodo resources on the iCafe.  Something to note, each student has a parent code specifically for their child.  The parent code gives the parent read-only access to anything their child posts and the teacher posts for that group.  Only one parent code is needed for the parent to see all of the classes in which the child is enrolled.  Do NOT publish your group/class code online or give out to a parent.  This will give the parent access to comments made by other students which does violate the confidentially of those students.  If you have questions on parent codes or anything in Edmodo, let me know.  I find Edmodo to be a great resource and am happy to help.




Please make sure you are shutting down the projectors when they are not in use.  Over the last couple weeks, I have found many projectors left on with no one in the classroom.  A couple projectors I found had been left on overnight.  Projectors need to be turned off during your conference, lunch, and any other time they are not being used.  Generally speaking, if it isn’t being used for instruction for more than 10-15 minutes…turn in off.  We need to conserve the bulb life.  Projector bulbs are very expensive, $250-$400 per bulb, depending on the projector.




Everyone in LCISD hears about the iCafe.  Please don’t forget about this incredibly valuable website.  You can get questions answered for a large range of programs and systems we use within the district.  There are extensive resources for Skyward, eduphoria, forethought, SMART Boards, Promethean Boards, and many others.  This system is created specifically for the benefit LCISD personal to assist with learning and addressing common questions.



Setting Up Desktop Outlook

You will want to load the desktop version of Outlook so you have all the options available that the program has to offer.  Attached is a set of cheat sheets for setting up desktop Outlook and many of the common tasks performed within desktop Outlook.  Please take a minute to set this up.  You will no longer need to go online to check your e-mail.  As you go through the setup process, make sure your username is your full e-mail address (@lcisd.org not @lcisd.local).  Let me know if you need assistance.



Web Page

Please remember to keep you web page up-to-date.  Parents love to see what is going on in your classroom.  Students benefit from your calendars and having access to notes and assignments.  If you are in need of assistance, let me know.  Remember, you cannot post the codes for your online textbooks.  This is a violation of the textbooks copyright.  A great place to post these codes would be Edmodo because this is a secure environment that is password protected.



Submitting Technology Work Orders

If you are having technical difficulties, please submit a work order directly to the technology department.  It’s best to submit work orders through the Help Desk icon on your desktop.  This will enable you to track the progress of your work order.  Be sure to include appropriate information so the work order can be routed appropriately.  Items to include, depending on the request, include room number, service tag number of the computer, make and model of the projector, and a detailed description of the problem.  You may also call x0220; they may be able to help you resolve the issue immediately over the phone minimizing your down time.



Technology Staff Development Opportunities – Register through ASCEND

Date ASCEND Section# Training Title
Tuesday, Sept 22 101213 Office 365

Office 365 – Understanding the Power at your Fingertips

Thursday, Oct 1 101215 OneNote Productivity
Thursday, Oct 8 101218 Beginner Promethean
Tuesday, Oct 13 101219 Beginner SMART Notebook
Thursday, Oct 15 101214 Office 365

Office 365 – Understanding the Power at your Fingertips

Tuesday, Oct 20 101216 OneNote Productivity
Thursday, Oct 29 101220 iPad Classroom Best Practices
Tuesday, Nov 3 101221 iPad Product Creation
Thursday, Nov 12 101222 Get in the Mix with Office Mix
Tuesday, Nov 17 101224 What’s that you SWAY?
Thursday, Dec 3 101223 Minecraft EDU in the Classroom



Useful Sites


Equipment Available From the District:

– iPods (Nanos & Touch), TuneTalk (audio recorder for the iPod Nano), iPads, GPS Units, Digital Cameras, Flip Cameras, Voice Records, Gaming Systems (Wii, Xbox, Dance Dance Revolution, Nintendo DS)

If you are interested in something, let me know.  There is not an unlimited supply, so the sooner you can get me dates of when you would like to reserve them the better.  This equipment is for student project use.


Let me know how I can help you.  I look forwarded to developing stimulating lessons with you.