Wheel of Fortune Description

Wheel of Fortune

How to setup:  On “Slide 2”, there are both white boxes and blue boxes. Don’t touch the blue boxes in setup. Delete the boxes that are already up in the play space. Copy and paste the corresponding white squares up into the play space. There is a blue box with the white boxes to be used as the space filler. If you are playing with more than one class, save and close the PowerPoint and reopen it for the next class. Double click on the word Category and enter the category for this word.

How to play the game: Students will choose one letter at a time. Click on the blue box containing the letter. That will take you to the letter screen where you need to click again. If the letter is in your puzzle, click on the white boxes where you put the letter and the letter should appear with applause.  If it is not, hit the icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen and it will give another sound.

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