Who Wants to be a Millionaire Description

Who Wants to be a Millionaire

How to setup: Use the outline tab to fill in your questions. Questions should have 4 answers, not necessarily all realistic.

How to play the game: When the question slide comes up it will bring up the questions and answer choices. Click on the answer students choose. It will ask if this is your final answer. If you click on yes, the answer will be revealed. If you click on no, it will laugh.

Lifelines: There are three lifelines: phone a friend, poll the audience, and 50/50. Depending how you have your game setup with your students you can play these different ways. If you click on the icon for one of these three it will take you to a new slide. For “Phone a friend” the student can ask one person to help them. With “Poll the audience”, the class gets to vote on the answer. For 50/50 the teacher eliminates two of the incorrect answers. Click on the U shaped arrow and it will return you to the question.

If you print out the lifelines and letters, you can give each team the letters and lifelines. As teams use their lifelines, have them give them to you so you know who has used which ones. All of the teams can answer each question by having them pull out the answer then everyone showing the answer at once.

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